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Wills in the 21st century: Electronic signing

Background Over time the practice of writing a Will on parchment gradually shifted to the use of ordinary A4 paper….

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When the Court’s approval of a settlement of a claim is challenged: Decision of the NSW Court of Appeal in Robinson v Robinson [2020] NSWCA4

Court Approvals of Releases in Family Provision Claims Settlement of a claim against an estate for a family provision order…

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Interstate and international estate planning

Introduction A nation of people on the move That Australia is a country of immigrants is not news to anyone….

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Avoiding problems causes problems… and were they de facto partners?

Dakin v Floyd [2019] NSWSC 1220 This is a classic example of a person avoiding problems only to create a…

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ATO: Main Residence Practical Compliance Guide 2019/5 – Deceased Estates – ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently issued Practical Compliance Guideline 2019/5 (PCG 2019/5) relating to the sale of a deceased’s…

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Executors’ Commission – A nationwide snapshot

Executors’ Obligations The appointment of an executor is a significant decision for a will-maker to make. It is also a…

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