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As a result of advancements in technologies and reduced barriers to entry, space increasingly presents opportunities for both startups and established businesses.  In a space industry driven by technological innovation and collaboration, but complicated by regulatory uncertainty and complex risk issues, having a trusted partner who understands the industry is critical.

At HWL Ebsworth, we understand the technology, business and regulatory issues affecting the space industry.  We offer space industry participants unparalleled breadth of expertise across Australia and in all areas of law.  Our specialists have the industry knowledge to provide practical advice for navigating legal and regulatory requirements over the lifecycle of new or existing projects.

Our space team includes experts on regulatory compliance and is well-positioned to advocate for your business through the process of applying for permits or licences.  We also have experience advising on the Australian telecommunications and radiocommunications legislative frameworks.  Beyond the strict compliance piece, we offer industry-focused commercial legal support for R&D grants and collaborations, technology commercialisation, tax and structuring issues, property transactions, environmental and native title issues, intellectual property protection, IT procurement and data and cybersecurity matters.

Our team actively participates in space industry events and is across developments in the fast-moving regulatory and legislative landscape.


  • Confidential client: reviewing proposed satellite arrangements and provided advice in relation to various issues relating to satellite communications.
  • Confidential client: structuring, tax and charity endorsement advice in establishing Australia’s first charity dedicated to education and industry participation in the space sector.
  • Major Australian University: advising in relation to the use of Australian spectrum for space systems or satellite networks and the need for appropriate radiocommunications licences; regulatory frameworks for commercial space activities in Australia and the approvals required to undertake certain space activity; and the need for satellite networks providing telecommunications services between places in Australia to obtain a carrier licence to authorise operation of the network.
  • Major Australian University: reviewing options for various licences (including an earth receive licence and a space licence) to suit the various commercial arrangements which were under consideration.
  • Government Department: documenting research collaboration and commercialisation arrangements for satellite-enabled technology to transform worker communications and safety in remote locations.

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