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"Sufficient cause" and "otherwise orders": Making a family provision claim more than 12 months after the date of death

Sreckovic v Sreckovic [2018] NSWSC 1597 was a family provision dispute between two sisters. The deceased mother had left her…

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Challenges to your will

In this publication we list fifteen ways a will can be challenged, and the basis on which the challenge can…

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Court of appeal overturns family provision award in favour of ex-wife

Lodin v Lodin [2017] NSWCA 327 The NSW Court of Appeal has allowed the appeal from the decision of the…

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Ademption of specific bequests

Ademption occurs when a specific gift in a Will fails because the gift is not an estate asset at the…

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Matters affecting the validity of a will: "Knowledge and approval" and "suspicious circumstances"

Wills may be challenged on various grounds including revocation by a later Will or informal testamentary document, claims by disappointed…

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Your digital assets: Instructing your executors and attorneys and restrictions on access

It can be assumed that almost all of us now possess a “digital estate“. During a person’s lifetime, their attorneys,…

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