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HWL Ebsworth’s Workplace Relations and Safety (WR&S) Group provides practical and commercially oriented legal advice to clients from a diverse range of industries on employment, industrial and occupational health and safety (OHS) matters.

The WR&S Group is focused on achieving results that reflect the business needs and strategic goals of our clients. We understand that in the workplace, the right outcomes require more than just strict ‘legal’ advice. We see ourselves as partnering with our clients in achieving legal compliance, strong business performance and the fostering of harmonious workplace relationships.

We ensure that our clients are informed of potential legal risks and assist clients in developing effective strategies and systems to minimise or eliminate those risks. Our WR&S Group provides clients with up to date information on any proposed changes in legislation and court decisions that may impact on clients’ businesses or relevant industry. This means our clients can stay ahead of the game in managing their workplaces.

Our WR&S Group has particular expertise in OHS matters assisting our clients to achieve legal compliance as well as pro-actively managing OHS risks on an ongoing basis. Our WR&S Group works with our clients to develop policies, procedures and risk management practices and systems aimed at avoiding workplace incidents occurring in the first place. We achieve this through consultation with clients and visiting clients’ workplaces in order to get a better understanding of the client’s industry, as well as the safety culture of the workplace.


  • Strategic workplace relations advice;
  • Dispute resolution – from conciliation and arbitration, to litigation;
  • Advice on employee entitlements and employment conditions;
  • Drafting enterprise agreements, employment contracts, executive service agreements and independent contractor agreements;
  • Termination of employment matters including advice on redundancy, and unfair dismissal and unfair contract claims;
  • Post employment restraint matters;
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying claims;
  • Providing training by way of workshops and seminars in relation to employment, industrial relation and OHS matters;
  • Investigations by regulators after OHS incidents,during notice appeals, coronial inquiries and prosecutions; and
  • General OHS matters.

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