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The automotive industry is facing a period of unprecedented change, opportunity and challenges. The cessation of local manufacturing of vehicles, changing consumer behaviours in relation to internet sales, technology disruption such as autonomous drive vehicles, relaxation of rules relating to end of line vehicles, regulatory reform within the retail industry and difficulties in maintaining the profitability and investments in new car dealerships are just some of the challenges currently facing participants in the Australian automotive industry. HWL Ebsworth is at the forefront of changes occurring in the automotive industry and can provide tailored advice on how to best handle them.

HWL Ebsworth has a dedicated Automotive Industry Group that comprises lawyers with a real depth of expertise and passion for the automotive industry. There are very few law firms in Australia that can offer the wide range of legal expertise to service this unique and important industry. Clients that we represent include, component producers, automotive dealerships  industry associations and aftermarket participants.

Our lawyers have specialised knowledge of automotive industry participants, issues, challenges and opportunities. Our lawyers are also at the forefront of thought leadership in the automotive sector by regularly speaking at industry forums, writing in industry journals, publishing a comprehensive bi-annual Automotive Industry Regulatory Update and regularly publishing E-Alerts on developments affecting the automotive industry. Our automotive lawyers are well placed to assist clients to take advantage of opportunities that are constantly being made available as well as how to avoid pitfalls. Most importantly, we are able to provide pro-active advice and tailor legal solutions which best suit our clients’ circumstances. Our assistance and knowledge has proved a vital resource for many of our clients in national and international matters concerning the automotive industry.

Our Automotive Industry Group regularly provides training on various topics such as Understanding Consumer Laws, assists in the preparation of compliance manuals and provides compliance training to clients.


  • Automotive dealers: In relation to their dealership structuring, succession planning and threats of termination;
  • Various industry participants: On the sale and purchase of businesses including, motor dealership businesses and associated properties;
  • State/National Dealer Councils: On changes to dealer agreements and restrictive trade practices and other anticompetitive conduct;
  • Automotive industry associations: In relation to legislative changes such as restrictions to flex commissions and the introduction of Lemon Laws;
  • Component Producers: On supply chain disputes, warranty issues, restructuring of businesses and accessing ATS entitlements; and
  • Automotive industry participants: On day to day operational issues including , supplier contracts, financing arrangements, employment matters, consumer claims, advertising sign offs and compliance issues.

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