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HWL Ebsworth has a long history of working with all levels of government. Our government team has a deep understanding of government departments and agencies and the pressures they work under. We have a sound understanding of the drivers that underpin the political, legal and commercial environment in which the Australian Government, State/Territory governments and local governments operate. We also understand the issues involved in developing and implementing complex policy; making firm, defensible and accountable decisions; and providing strategic legal advice in a political framework. We are consistently commended by our government clients for the quality, performance, timeliness, accuracy and value of our legal services.

In these times of increasing pressure on government to make substantial cost savings, HWL Ebsworth is the firm of choice. We offer government an unbeatable value proposition of legal services without the high charge out rates of many of our competitors.

HWL Ebsworth is appointed to all Areas of Law in the Whole of Australian Government Legal Services Panel, as well as the legal panels operated by the Victorian Government, New South Wales Government, Queensland Government and Northern Territory Government.


  • Providing legal services to government departments and agencies in relation to government and administrative law including public administration and governance, judicial review and merits review, Ombudsman inquiries, crown liability, tort law, employment law, statutory interpretation, FOI, privacy, royal commissions and inquiries, coronial inquiries, and military discipline;
  • Providing legal services to government departments and agencies in relation to corporate and commercial law including procurement, taxation, property, contract, insurance, banking and finance, intellectual property, construction, coronations, consumer and competition, information technology, telecommunications, media and communications, probity, and environmental law;
  • Advising and acting for government departments and agencies in litigation, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, expert determination and case management;
  • Providing other legal services to government including in relation to climate change law, criminal law, energy and resources law, human rights law, international trade law, drafting legislative instruments, native title law, superannuation and funds management law, transport, including maritime, aviation and motor vehicle law, and trusts and equity law;
  • Providing training in all the above mentioned areas of law;
  • Providing secondments of professional legal staff to government, and facilitating reverse secondments from government departments and agencies to HWL Ebsworth; and
  • Providing data protection and privacy related advice.

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