Nima Sedaghat

Nima regularly assists business owners, executives, Australian and foreign investors, on various forms of M&A activity.

Nima specialises in transaction taxes and for almost 15 years has provided solutions to complex structuring and transaction issues, as well as engaging with the various state revenue offices and the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of taxpayers.

He is passionate about providing practical solutions to complex issues, energetic in his approach and proactively identifies opportunities for his clients.

In addition to being a lawyer, Nima is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.


Nima’s recent experience includes advising:

  • A Regional NSW airport corporation on the income tax and stamp duty aspects of a proposed restructure and acquisition structure of a major infrastructure asset;
  • The fund manager and Australian and foreign resident investors on the taxation consequences of potential fund structures intended to raise capital of c.$150 million to $200 million;
  • The South Australian Government Financing Authority on the taxation aspects of the establishment of the $50 million South Australian Venture Capital Fund;
  • A UK-based multinational on the income tax, GST and stamp duty consequences of a post-acquisition Australian restructure involving the consolidation of multiple operating businesses across four Australian states; and
  • An Australian agribusiness on the taxation consequences of a portfolio company restructure.

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