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29 June 2023

Setting up for success – key legal issues for new CRC-Ps

The Commonwealth’s Cooperative Research Centres Projects Grants program provides funding for short-term research collaborations between Australian industry and the research sector, with an emphasis on supporting SME participation in R&D.

For businesses looking to engage in the program, we have put together a summary of key legal issues to consider when structuring your collaboration and supporting contracts, touching on issues such as intellectual property, change management and termination.

Click here for a summary of the key legal issues.

Structuring a CRC – options for corporate structure, intellectual property, tax and winding up

There are various ways of approaching intellectual property and tax arrangements in a CRC, and those approaches in turn have implications for the winding up of the CRC company at the end of its funding term. A failure to consider these approaches carefully at the outset of establishing a CRC company may result in restrictions on IP access by partners – or an unexpected, and potentially significant, tax bill.

Click here for the main options for structuring a CRC and the key implications of each option on operations and winding up.


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Nikki Macor Heath

Special Counsel | Adelaide

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