Plan of subdivision update – Reduction in estimated processing and registration times

30 March 2017

You may have seen recent industry reports about the excessive time taken by Land Registry to register plans of subdivision in recent times (often in excess of 4 weeks).

Yesterday, we were advised by Land Registry that over 300 plans were registered last weekend in an attempt to clear the backlog and that as of today, the current estimated wait time for plans of subdivision to register is 12 working days.

This is obviously an estimate only and is based on current workloads, but it is positive progress regardless. Whilst this is not a guarantee of future performance, it is pleasing to see that the Land Registry has taken substantive action to address lengthening timeframes and ever-increasing industry frustration. Improved timeframes will hopefully remain over the next 3 months as we work towards the end of the financial year, however we will keep you posted if these estimates change (either based on advice from Land Registry or our own observations based on the hundreds of plans of subdivision we lodge for registration each year).

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