Andrzej Kudra

Andrzej provides advice and appears as counsel in a wide range of matters involving vulnerable persons including on behalf of the Northern Territory Department of Health in relation to NDIS and Guardianship matters relating to the use of Restrictive Practices and Child protection hearings for Territory Families, Persons unfit to plead due to mental illness under the Criminal Code, for the Public Trustee in relation to protected persons an in contested deceased estate matters.

Andrzej has also worked recently assisting insurers in Workers compensation claims and as well as conducting workplace misconduct investigations for numerous statutory bodies and sporting peak bodies.


Andrzejā€™s recent experience includes:

  • Public Trustee for the Northern Territory in regards to provided advice and conducted contested estate applications;
  • Child Protection Hearings, as Counsel, in numerous contested hearings in Child protection jurisdiction;
  • Associations Disputes and Hearings in relation to governance, investigations, property and commercial disputes; and
  • Prosecutions and investigations for Statutory Bodies.

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