Stephen James

Stephen has extensive experience in advising both public and private sector clients, including many international clients, on the transfer or licensing of a wide array of smart technologies, used in many industries from IT, telecommunications, industrial plants, transportation and defence.


Stephen’s recent experience includes:

  • Smart card processing companies: Advising, drafting and negotiating smart card processing services contracts for the financial and retail industries;
  • Water treatment company: Drafting and negotiating contracts for the provision of water treatment technologies;
  • International technology transfer for plant and machinery: Drafting contracts for the transfer of technological know-how used in major industrial plants;
  • IT start-up companies: Advising and drafting contracts for start-up technology and other IT ventures; and
  • Innovative defence technology: Drafting and negotiating contracts for the licensing of innovative technology used in the defence industry, including under US FARS and DFARS contracting provisions and regulations.

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