VACC launches 'Better Business. Better Victoria.' policy platform

27 July 2018

On Wednesday, 25 July 2018, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) launched its policy recommendations for the automotive industry, named ‘Better Business. Better Victoria.’

In light of the upcoming Victorian State election, the policy launch is aimed at providing Government with a range of initiatives in order to facilitate a close working relationship with industry and implement policies that benefit the automotive industry in Victoria.

The policy recommendations in ‘Better Business. Better Victoria.’ are for the Victorian Government to:

  1. recognise skills shortages within the Automotive Retail, Service and Repair sectors;
  2. promote the value of automotive apprenticeships to employers, job seekers, parents and students;
  3. introduce improved support measures and incentives for employers to hire and retain automotive apprentices, including female apprentices;
  4. increase skills training funding for automotive apprenticeships and VET programs in schools;
  5. allow discounted vehicle registration for automotive apprentices (as per other trades);
  6. lift the State payroll tax threshold to $850,000 per annum, aligning more closely with comparable states and territories to encourage capital investment and jobs growth;
  7. refrain from introducing industrial manslaughter laws;
  8. classify fuel theft as a specific criminal offence;
  9. give fuel retailers access to stolen vehicle number plate data to assist with the prevention of fuel theft incidents;
  10. introduce reforms to the Duties Act 2000 (Vic) with the intention of modernising Chapter 9 ‘Motor Vehicle Duty’ in line with contemporary motor vehicle dealerships and other States and Territories;
  11. support the introduction of a mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct;
  12. support the development of a federal program aimed at the proper disposal of ‘end of life vehicles’ (ELVs);
  13. take a leadership role on ELV policy by conducting trials of a self-regulated ELV program, to ensure that the disposal of ELVs has minimal environment impact);
  14. support a fairer trading environment for small business through a refined regulatory model; and
  15. implement an electronic roadworthy system for Victoria that incorporates the electronic storage of vehicle odometer readings.

A full copy of ‘Better Business. Better Victoria.’ can be accessed by clicking here.

This article was written by Evan Stents, Partner and Christian Teese, Senior Associate. 

Evan Stents

P: +61 3 8644 3509


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