James Flowers

James specialises in telecommunications and information technology law. He has over 25 years’ experience advising both suppliers who provide, and customers who acquire, telecommunications services, products and infrastructure, information technology systems and software, and software-as-a-service platforms and services. James also has extensive experience advising clients, both in government and the private sector, undertaking information technology procurements and tenders.

For much of this career, James acted for a telecommunications carrier, and saw it through the expansion of its network, negotiation of key infrastructure and access arrangements, negotiation of service arrangements with its key and small customers, as well the various regulatory issues that arose, as that carrier’s operations expanded. Most recently, that work has involved two major international undersea cable projects, as well as a consortium to procure capacity to connect education networks across Asia and Europe.

James has acted in whole-of-enterprise or government transactions, and for large, medium and small clients and understands the particular drivers and challenges facing each of those clients. Although he has acted as an external lawyer, his clients see him as a member of their team.


James’ experience includes advising:

  • A key telecommunications carrier that services the research and education sector on all matters, including service contracts, infrastructure procurement, regulatory issues and strategies;
  • A State government department in a whole-of-government telecommunications panel procurement process, and negotiation and finalisation of contracts with panel appointees;
  • Various major corporate clients with negotiation of whole-of-government telecommunications procurements;
  • Various clients regarding systems implementations, software licensing (including in relation to licensor audits) and IT outsourcing projects; and
  • Various software-as-a-service providers in relation to the development of standard terms, designing e-contracting processes and negotiation with major contracts with customers and providers of data inputs.

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