Daniel Stewart

Daniel is a highly respected academic who has extensive expertise in all aspects of administrative law. A senior lecturer at the ANU College of Law, Daniel’s administrative law expertise spans the scope and nature of judicial review, the role, interpretation and drafting of legislation, intersection of constitutional law, and the use and disclosure of government information. Daniel teaches a number of advanced and specialised courses on these areas including statutory interpretation and regulatory design. His course on information law focuses on secrecy, privacy and access to government information. Daniel was recently appointed as the independent Research Monitor for Australia as part of the international Open Government Partnership, reporting on developments relating to access to information. Daniel is also a legal advisor to the ACT Legislative Assembly Scrutiny Committee for Bills.

Daniel regularly advises and acts for a variety of government departments on matters involving statutory interpretation, regulatory design, and merits and judicial review. He conducts various seminars, workshops and training courses addressing legal issues in regulatory design and compliance, decision-making and statements of reasons, statutory interpretation, FOI and Privacy and merits and judicial review.


Daniel’s experience includes:

  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection: Advising on a wide range of matters, including technical issues arising out of recent immigration decisions and Migration Agent registration;
  • Department of Social Services: Advising and acting on matters involving judicial review of decisions under Social Security legislation, as well as statutory interpretation advice involving the interaction of Social Security, Taxation;
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Advising on matters involving interpretation and application of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth);
  • Australian Aged Care Quality Agency: Advising on an MOU with State agencies regarding exchange of sensitive information, including privacy and FOI aspects; and
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources: Advising on a number of matters, including the interaction of the Quarantine Act with Commonwealth, State and Territory proceeds of crime legislation. He also advised on a proposal to outsource various functions to private third parties involving drafting of a network of deeds of arrangement between multiple parties.

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