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Queensland passes Wage Theft laws

On 10 September 2020, the Queensland Government passed the Criminal Code and Other Legislation (Wage Theft) Amendment Bill 2020 (Qld) (Bill) criminalising…

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Can you avoid a wage increase scheduled in your current enterprise agreement terms to preserve business viability?

Many employers are experiencing financial strain due to the consequences of reduced trade, restrictions imposed upon their business operations and…

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Changes to Western Australia’s safety laws are imminent – The time to act is now

Wide ranging changes to Western Australia’s occupational safety and health laws were introduced into the lower house of State parliament…

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New employment related thresholds – 1 July 2019

A number of employment related financial thresholds are indexed annually each 1 July. Below is a summary of some important…

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"Drink-working" – drugs and alcohol in the workplace

From time to time employers are faced with challenging situations involving drug and alcohol-related employee misconduct. There is a common…

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Gig economy no safe haven against employment laws

The South Australian Employment Tribunal (Tribunal) has held that an Uber driver was in an employment relationship with the Company…

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