Proposed citywide amendment – Restricting townhouses from single-home areas

20 March 2020

Brisbane City Council (Council) has passed amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan), restricting the development of townhouses within single-home areas (Amendments).

These Amendments will have significant repercussions for developers seeking to provide infill development in Brisbane and are planned to take effect in mid-2020.

Previously, the City Plan had contained provisions which allowed for the development of Multiple dwellings (townhouses and apartments) within Low-density residential zones (areas for single homes) if the development site was at least 3000mand was in close proximity to public transport and centres.

The Amendments include the following changes:

  1. removing provisions in the Low-density residential zone code and the Multiple dwelling code that allow for Multiple dwellings to occur on larger, well-located sites in the Low-density residential zone;
  2. changes to 11 neighbourhood plans, removing specific provisions which allow for Multiple dwelling development in the Low-density residential zone; and
  3. changes to 24 neighbourhood plans, reinforcing existing policies and providing consistency to ensure that Multiple dwellings are not accommodated in the Low-density residential zone.

The Amendments will affect only the parts of the city located in the Low density residential zone, although will only affect new development.

Multiple dwellings remain an option within the Low-medium density residential and Character residential (Infill zone precinct) zones.

This article was written by Peter Bittner, Partner, Luke Walker, Senior Associate and Chris Vale, Law Graduate.

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