Glenn Dolan

Glenn is a highly motivated and experienced lawyer with extensive experience managing workers compensation, self-insurance, personal injury and commercial litigation and claims portfolios.

Glenn has a diverse list of clients and deep understanding of the legal, strategic, and operational aspects of self-insurers and the icare scheme. Glenn is able to apply this knowledge to build relationships with clients and to understand the client’s needs and requirements.

Glenn has a proven track record with the statutory scheme and self-insurer clients. He is able to balance complex legal and financial requirements while focusing on client needs and balancing the expectations of all stakeholders.

Glenn has strong regulatory and industry experience, having worked within the icare statutory scheme and for private insurers, specialised insurers and self-insurers for several years.


Glenn’s experience includes advising:

  • Self-insurers, TMF and WorkCover/icare scheme agents including Allianz, QBE, GIO in addition to acting for the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer, on the management of workers’ compensation portfolios (litigated and non-litigated);
  • icare in relation to workers compensation including statutory claims, work injury damages, section 151Z recoveries and recoveries from uninsured employers;
  • Clients on the interaction of the workers compensation scheme with the Civil Liability, Motor Accident and Fair Work Acts;
  • icare on employer/deemed employer provisions, section 20 principal claims and recovery from uninsured employers;
  • Clients on claims to which the Workers Compensation (Bushfire, Emergency and Rescue Services) Act 1987 apply; and
  • Coal Services in relating to Residual Jurisdiction claims including issues such as injury in or about a coal mine, psychological claims and physical injury claims.

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