Diren Fernando

Diren has broad experience spanning the various issues confronting life insurers in the modern market: from claims handling and decision-making, to policy drafting and interpretation, to disputed claims before AFCA or in Court.

Diren also provides regulatory advice to insurers and other commercial clients, covering obligations under the Corporations Act, ASIC Act, Insurance Act, and other statutes and standards.

Diren is a frequent presenter at insurance industry events, and offers regular training and seminars to his clients.


Diren’s experience includes advising:

  • A life insurer on an appellate case with significant precedent value;
  • A life insurer in a series of arbitrations of disputes over ‘on risk’ and ‘takeover’ provisions under group life insurance regimes;
  • A life insurer on the interpretation of a series of reinsurance treaties, and their application to various benefit types;
  • A life insurer about a response to a large volume of claims and disputes before AFCA, including enquiries about perceived and identified systemic issues;
  • A commercial client about compliance with the obligations of a financial services licensee; and
  • An insurer client on the regulatory implications of proposed work-from-home arrangements.

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