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A likely story: probate, revocation and battles over narratives

Background and facts Panagiota Tsialamandris (deceased) died on 25 September 2022, survived by her two children Vasiliki Filopoulos (Vicki) and…

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Can an informal Will revoke a prior formal Will? A case note on Re Gray [2023] VSC 668

Key Learnings The admission of an informal Will: According to section 9 of the Wills Act 1997 (Vic) (Act), an informal Will can…

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Methamphetamine contamination and elder abuse passes over an executor: a case note on Cavanagh v Mace [2023] VSC 670 

Key Learnings Jurisdiction to pass over: A Court will not readily exercise its jurisdiction to pass over a named executor, who…

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Crime does not pay: The Forfeiture Rule explained

In Australia, the Forfeiture Rule stops you from keeping the ‘golden egg’ from the goose that you kill. Legally speaking, it is a…

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IVF Children and Family Provision Claims: How far does the umbilical cord stretch?

How does, and will the law around Testators’ Family Maintenance (TFM) treat children from donated embryos with respect to family…

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When charitable gifts need not be applied for charitable purposes: A case note on Re Field [2023] VSC 210

Background/facts The three plaintiffs were the executors and trustees of the deceased estate of Lilian Dorothy Field, being the step-niece,…

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