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New employment related thresholds

A number of employment related financial thresholds are indexed annually each 1 July. Below is a summary of some important…

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Rash employee exits: a genuine departure or mistaken resignation?

Where an employee freely and willingly resigns from a job, the unfair dismissal provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009…

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Employers put on notice of the application and extended coverage of the Miscellaneous Award 2010

Employers are reminded to be very cautious when attempting to classify their junior or low-paid employees as “award free“. In…

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Failing to renew a maximum term contract: can an unfair dismissal claim now be made?

Following a recent significant decision by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission, employees who cease employment at the…

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Internal or external investigation?

The difficult decision of whether to undertake an internal or external investigation Employers regularly deal with allegations of inappropriate or…

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From office to bedroom – Romantic relationships in the workplace

There has recently been significant media attention concerning certain high profile executives having “inappropriate relationships” with employees within their organisations….

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