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Can you avoid a wage increase scheduled in your current enterprise agreement terms to preserve business viability?

Many employers are experiencing financial strain due to the consequences of reduced trade, restrictions imposed upon their business operations and…

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Criminal background checks – what amounts to discrimination when considering an employee’s criminal record?

It is sometimes necessary for employers to treat employees or prospective employees differently when making decisions about recruitment, promotion, work…

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Stand down provisions and the COVID-19 outbreak: What rights do employers affected by COVID-19 have to stand down employees?

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents a unique and unprecedented challenge to Australian employers. While some employers are facing significant financial…

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From Nazi parody to dismissal: The importance of robust investigation processes and workplace policies

Unfortunately, inappropriate and offensive behaviour in the workplace is not uncommon. However, can an employer proceed straight to dismissing an employee…

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Fair Work decision highlights Privacy Act obligations for employers

Introduction A Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (Full Commission) has recently handed down a decision which potentially carries…

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New employment related thresholds – 1 July 2019

A number of employment related financial thresholds are indexed annually each 1 July. Below is a summary of some important…

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