Mark Hamwood

Mark Hamwood  specialises in resolving disputes involving franchising, property ownership or use and trusts and estates.

Mark  assists franchising clients, principally in the retail food, property and business services industries.


Mark’s recent experience includes:

  • National retailing client: Assisting a national retailing client resolve disputes over the use of its name and logos in a large regional town;
  • Master franchisee: Assisting a state master franchisee in the retail allied computer products industry resolve a dispute over the continuation of their agreement with the franchisor;
  • Commercial building occupant: Assisting a large commercial building occupant in the building products industry resolve “make good” disputes at the end of its lease; and
  • National and local franchisors: Assisting national and local franchisors in predominantly retailing related businesses bringing about an orderly termination of relationships with defaulting franchisees and resolving disputes about termination, including with landlords.

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