John Cole

John is a Local Government and planning specialist with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of Local Government, planning and environmental law. He is a specialist advocate in the Land and Environment Court and associated jurisdictions. He advises metropolitan and regional Local Government authorities as well as major property developers on Local Government, planning, and development issues.

Prior to joining HWL Ebsworth John was a town planner and in-house solicitor at a local council. This experience, combined with representing numerous council clients for decades, has provided John with a thorough knowledge of council processes and challenges, including statutory rights and responsibilities. John also has extensive experience working with both small and large developers and is known for his commercial planning advice.


John’s recent experience includes:

  • Abacus Property Group: Provided litigation, representation and advice on Land and Environment Court matters in various jurisdictions, including land valuation and resumption redevelopment of heritage assets;
  • Various private and Government clients: Provided advice on resumption for M2 – West connect and various public works;
  • Rockdale City Council: Advised council on voluntary planning agreements with various parties for rezoning and uplift of densities;
  • Botany Bay Council: Represented Council at the Supreme Court and Land and Environment Court on various proceedings regarding large Brownfields residential redevelopment sites; and
  • Stockland: Provided complicated advice on designated development for infrastructure works for large release and residential subdivision.

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