At HWL Ebsworth, we are committed to working with you to achieve your personal developmental and career goals, while ensuring that our clients are provided with access to highly qualified and driven professionals.

“We have an exceptionally talented and driven pool of staff in each of our offices, and we are determined to provide an environment that allows all team members to reach their potential”
~ Juan Martinez, HWL Ebsworth Managing Partner.

Quality work for a loyal client base

We are proud that many of our clients have chosen to work with us over many years. This has allowed us to move beyond being trusted advisors to become a vital component of our clients’ teams. Our team members have an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of our clients’ business, core objectives and industry challenges. In return, our clients are assured of receiving advice that is tailored to their particular needs.

A clear focus on career development

At HWL Ebsworth, our staff are provided with open, transparent and honest feedback so that they can take ownership of their own career development. Our unique career planning program provides staff with an opportunity to regularly meet with their supervising partners or managers to discuss their progress and to identify ways in which they can contribute to the ongoing success of the firm. We pride ourselves on promoting and rewarding talent based solely on merit, which allows all team members to reach their potential.

High performance culture

For a meritocracy such as HWL Ebsworth, it is vital that all team members understand their role and how they can contribute to our collective success. Our transparent career development framework ensures that everyone is aware of the firm’s expectations at each level, and what is required to advance to the next career stage.

Rewarding high performance

Our approach to rewarding our people is straight forward. We reward high performance, regardless of the role that the team member performs. We don’t impose salary bands to artificially restrict salary increases and all team members are remunerated on the basis of the value they deliver to the firm and our clients.

Professional development opportunities

Our learning and development programs help our team members to improve their technical knowledge and professional skills through tailored seminars, workshops and one-on-one real time training. We actively support our team members in undertaking further study to develop and enhance their expertise and practical knowledge.

Unique firm structure

Our lower ratio of solicitors to partners offers significant benefits to clients and team members alike. Our clients have greater access to the relevant team members at all levels, while our solicitors have greater opportunities to engage directly with our clients.

Diverse and inclusive

We are committed to providing an environment that supports and encourages all team members to progress. Our focus is on removing any barriers that may restrict any of our team members from developing their careers with us. Our clients are as diverse as we are, and our lawyers’ varied backgrounds and skill sets support us in providing our clients with innovative and tailored legal solutions.

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As our practice continues to grow nationally, we are regularly searching for talented individuals to join our team, including experienced lawyers, graduates, paralegals, business services staff and support roles.

If you are interested in working with HWL Ebsworth, please provide the information requested, indicating your area of practice or the position you would be interested in.

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  • Accepted file types: pdf.

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