Melbourne’s Industrial & Commercial Land Use Plan 2020

21 April 2020

The Melbourne Industrial and Commercial Land Use Plan (Land Use Plan) provides an overview of current and future needs for industrial and commercial land across metropolitan Melbourne and puts in place a planning framework to support the state and local government to plan more effectively for future employment and industry needs.

The plan aims to support industrial and commercial use of land by:

  • Identifying and setting aside adequate long-term industrial and commercial land supply to support future industry and business growth;
  • Recognising and retaining industrial and commercial areas that provide an ongoing economic and employment contribution to local communities, regions and the state as a critical economic resource;
  • Providing clear direction on locations where growth should occur and protecting state-significant industrial precincts from incompatible land uses to allow for long term investment and future growth; and
  • Supporting industry and business to innovate and grow in identified areas.

The Land Use Plan has also developed a framework to enable industrial and commercial land to be categorised to provide greater clarity to strategic land use intent. These classifications reflect the policy aspirations for the area or precinct and may necessitate amendments to the Victorian Planning Provisions.

Weight will need to be given to the classification of the land in the hierarchy and the directions in the Land Use Plan when considering land use and development opportunities.

The implementation of the planning principles, strategies and framework for industrial and commercial land is required to be supported by the actions of DELWP and Councils. The Land Use Plan suggests that Councils should:

  • Prepare and implement municipal-wide industrial land use strategies and activity centre strategies, or undertake similar strategic work for precincts, to guide future development of industrial and commercial land;
  • Work with DELWP to develop a practice note to support the development of local industrial strategies; and
  • Work with the State Government to look at future opportunities for industry in the Brooklyn, Tottenham and West Footscray area, including improving connectivity.

If you are seeking advice on understanding the principles, strategies and planning framework for industrial and commercial land and how these may apply to you, do not hesitate to contact our office.

This article was written by James Lofting, Partner & Rebecca Richards, Law Graduate.

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