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Airlines and Air Operators

  • International, Domestic and Regional airlines
  • Charter and GA operators
  • All commercial and operational requirements of all airlines and air operators
  • Aircraft purchase and finance
  • Commercial arrangements with airports
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements (including AOC and CASA)
  • Insurance and liability
  • Claims and emergency response
  • ACCC Authorisations, Competition and Consumer Law Compliance
  • Local and foreign carrier start-ups

Recent commercial, regulatory and operational experience

  • Start up of a high capacity RPT domestic airline
  • Numerous start-ups by foreign carries to Australia
    • Incl Scoot/Tiger/Air India/Cebu Pacific/Malindo
  • ACCC Authorisations (ATI) of airline activities in Australia, including:
    • Star Alliance
    • BARA (Board of Airline Representatives of Australia Inc)
    • Qantas/BA
  • Use agreements with every capital city airport and most secondary airports in Australia
  • Advising airline on bespoke terminal use agreement at new terminal at Melbourne airport
  • Finance, purchase, lease and sale of jet and other fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft
  • Procurement - commercial arrangements with all airline service providers
  • 777 engine spare pooling agreement for ANZ and Virgin
  • Advising on suspension of AOC of RPT airline and re-launching airline successfully
  • Complex technical services agreements between operators and owners of commercial aircraft

Recent Insurance and Liability experience

  • Acting for airlines and their underwriters for over 25 years
  • Assisting airlines/insurers resolve multiple passenger claims arising out of inflight incidents
  • Defence of claims throughout Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands
  • Defence of civil aviation authority arising from aircraft crashes at aerodrome
  • Representing airlines, GA operators and government departments at coronial inquests
  • Assisting airlines and crew with ATSB investigations
  • Assist foreign government with CASA action to close airport operations
  • Defence of airlines on prosecutions for airport curfew breaches
  • Defending airlines against OHS prosecutions
  • Acting for BA and its insurers in the watershed Australian High Court case on liability for Deep Vein Thrombosis, successfully arguing that airlines are not liable


  • Development and operation of greenfield airports
  • Airport leases from the Commonwealth
  • All commercial and operational requirements of airport operators
  • Commercial arrangements with airlines
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements (in particular CASA)
  • Airport design and master planning
  • Protection of air space
  • Building and construction
  • Finance
  • Leasing

Recent Experience

  • Participating in the purchase of Sydney Airport
  • Airport use and incentive agreements at every capital city and most secondary airports in Australia, including detailed commercial and operational matters
  • Airport operations - international, domestic and GA - at numerous airports
  • Airport regulatory compliance - managing issues raised by CASA with airports
  • Airport conditions of use for numerous airports
  • Protection of airspace - Sydney Airport
  • Project managing Sydney Airport's response in 2014 to the Commonwealth for the development and operation of the Western Sydney Airport (Badgerys Creek)
  • Compliance review of the operation of the statutory Slot Management Scheme (at Sydney)
  • Commercial leasing at airport terminals around Australia
  • Numerous terminal and airfield building and construction projects, including for capital city airports (especially Sydney and Melbourne), regional airports, RAAF bases around Australia


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