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HWL Ebsworth is well positioned to assist our clients to meet the challenges faced in an increasingly competitive and highly regulated electricity market. We understand the particulars of the electricity sector, and its impact on the commercial environment in which our clients operate.

Our partners provide legal services to electricity industry participants and electricity customers. We advise on a wide range of issues relevant to our clients operations including generation, transmission, distribution and retail services. Our experience extends to renewable energy projects and complex curtailment and demand side management issues.


Our relevant experience includes acting on the following matters.

  • Queensland State Government (Department of Infrastructure and Planning) – North West Queensland Transmission Project: advising the State on regulatory and other issues relating to the North West Queensland Transmission Project for the potential connection of the North West Minerals Province to the National Electricity Market. The project has been declared a project of State significance and is estimated to cost in excess of AUD1billion.
  • Major New Gas-Fired Power Station Joint Venture (New South Wales): Andrew Bruton was appointed as the joint venture lawyer representing a large privately owned gas-fired electricity generator in respect of their bid for the purchase of a AUD $700 million gas-fired Power Station in New South Wales. The appointment was for the purposes of advising on key electricity off take arrangements (including advising on ISDA Master Agreements) and various commercial aspects associated with the proposed acquisition.
  • Major Queensland Electricity Generator - advised a major Queensland electricity generator on a range of issues associated with its operations, including Power Purchase Agreements, Connection and Access Agreements, Station Services Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, regulatory issues under the Electricity Act (Qld) 1994 and the National Electricity Rules.
  • CitiPower Pty Ltd and Powercor Australia Limited: since 1994 we have continually advised CitiPower Pty (as a retailer (until its sale of its retail business to Origin Energy) and a distributor) and, more recently, Powercor Australia Limited on a range of matters including advice on NER, augmentations to the distribution system, use of system agreements and special projects. We have recently assisted in negotiating agreements for additional connection services at the Brunswick, Keilor and Heywood terminal station and the construction of the Wemen terminal station and advised on the reconfiguration of the network as a consequence of the removal of cables under the Yarra River.
  • Major Queensland Electricity Retailer and Distributor - Embedded Generation Project - advised on this project which involved advising on the installation of multiple diesel generating units at Bromleton and their connection to the distribution network. It also involved advising on the requirements under the Electricity Act 1994 (Qld) and the Regulations, and issues under the National Electricity Rules.
  • Major Financial Institution – High Volume Retail Electricity Sales Contracts: advised a major Australian financial institution on arrangements in respect of its call for tenders for the provision of retail electricity supplies to all of its Australian operations. This involved reviewing and advising on risks under the proposed terms and conditions for supply. It also involved assistance with negotiating contract terms with major Australian electricity retailers.


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